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Cost of Commuting Calculator

You can buy more house for your money if you buy out in the remote suburbs.  Do you really save money when buying a less expensive house which is far away from work?  Here’s a commuting cost calculator which will help you evaluate the relative costs of living near your work and living far away from it.

If you pair the numbers you get from this calculator with the payments you can calculate with the mortgage calculators (link button on left), you can start to get a very good idea of how much it’s going to cost you to live in close vs. living away from work.

Find Orlando Gas Prices
City,State or Zip Code (eg. Orlando, FL)

How much are you spending on your commute to work? Whether moving, considering a new job, weighing the benefits of tele-commuting, or just curious what you're spending given the current cost of gas, you'll probably be interested to see how expensive simply getting to work actually is.

It's more expensive than you think!
Volume/Distance Units?
Current Cost of Fuel
Commuting Details
Current One Way Commute Distance (Mi)
Work Hours per Week
Commutes per Month
Value of Car
AVG MPG of Car
Annual Gross Income (more info)
Add More Commuters (more info)
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